Aksaray University
International Students Office

Documents Required for Application


a)     Copy of the diploma

b)     Transcript showing all courses taken, content of the courses and grades achieved in all higher education institutions the applicant has so far attended or graduated from.

c)      CV (showing contact information)

d)     The result of any of ALES, GRE or GMAT(if available)

e)     Valid foreign language proficiency document(for the post graduate programme)

f)       Copy of the passport

g)     2 (two) reference letters

h)     A letter of intent

In case of PhD applications, international student must have obtained at least 55 in English in the Interuniversity Board Foreign Language Examination (ÜDS) or YÖKDİL or at least an equivalent score in an examination determined by the Interuniversity Board .The candidates who don’t have any of these exam result must have obtained at least 60 over 100 English Proficiency Exam made by Aksaray university.


Admitted applicants who fail to meet the English proficiency requirements must take Turkish proficiency class for maximum one year. Those who fail Turkish proficiency class will be dismissed from the university.