Aksaray University
International Students Office


The following documents are required for registration:

The applicant must register in person. The registration can not be done by Proxy.

(1)  Original high school diploma and notarized translation of it.

(2)   The candidate’s high school exam results (transcript) indicating the subjects studied, their marks and general average scoring and notarized translation of it.

(3)  Certificate of Equivalency”, which is taken from Turkish Embassy or Consulate in applicant’s country or RT Ministry of Education or provincial directorate of the Ministry of Education, and indicating that high school diploma is equivalent to the diplomas of Turkish high schools,

(4)  Acceptance letter

(5)  Visa

(6)  .Notarized Turkish copy of passport or identification card.

(7)   6 photographs ( (taken within 6 months

(8)  If exists, Turkish  proficiency certificate

(9)  If exists, exam result. (any of the exam result stated in accepted exam  link.)

(10) TQDK exam result for AZERBAIJANI students. 

****students who gain the right of being a student at the department of nursing, teaching in physical education and coaching must submit  health committee report during the registration.

**** students who gain the right of being a student at the department of teaching in physical education, coaching and teaching in music and  art  must take special talent exam which will be held at the concerning department. before the exact registration.